Breath Those Weight Out: Where Do Fats Go When We Lose It?

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So you’ve tried your best to shed those extra pounds off and it really paid off. Now you are feeling more alive and energetic than before. Somehow, you thought that the body fats you lost from extensive workouts must have become available as energy for the body to use. Or has it really? So where did all those pesky fats really go?

It’s long been a misconception that when we lose those excess fats they become available as energy or heat that our body can use. When we were young, our PE teacher infused us with the belief that we need to be fit and agile. And to be agile and fit we need to exercise, which helps your body eliminate fats and melts it into an energy or heat which our body can take advantage of. But recent study published by the British Medical Journal (Andrew Brown and Ruben Meerman) tells otherwise–fats become gas that we release from our body. In short, we breath weight out.

The result of the study indicates that 10kg of fats turn into carbon dioxide, the type gas that we exhale, and 1.6kg of it becomes water residue which we excrete through perspiration, tears or urination. Furthermore, when we lose weight, the body processes those cells which unlocks carbon the in the fat cells. Eventually those fat cells break apart and are converted to carbon dioxide which is essentially exhaled through the lungs. The residual water from hydrogen and oxygen is released from the body in the form of tears, sweat or urine. “The correct answer is that most of the mass is breathed out as carbon dioxide. It goes into thin air.”, Ruben Meerman, lead author of the study added.

The result of the study was a welcome surprise to medical professionals and fitness enthusiasts. Now we know where all those excess weights go.



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